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  25. Antikythera Mechanism
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  34. Portrait of Caligula Small Bronze Head- Joe Geranio
  35. Portrait of Caligula on Globe- Joe Geranio
  36. Portrait of Caligula New Haven Portrait- Joe Geranio
  37. Caligula- Lead Pipe Inscription- Lake Nemi- Joe Geranio
  38. Caligula Wine Barrel Inscription- Joe Geranio
  39. Portrait of Drusus Nero (Brother of Caligula)- Joe Geranio
  40. Portrait of Caligula- Ny Glyptotek Copenhagen- Joe Geranio
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  44. Roman bronze plaque
  45. Magna Carta for sale
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  50. Bust of Julius Caesar found in France
  51. Gold Ring
  52. Helmt
  53. Head Marable
  54. Dear All,
  55. Glass
  56. Bronz
  57. Bronz Statues
  58. Attention Mrs. Roro
  59. Bactrian Hoard
  60. Frag. Suovetaurilia Julio Claudian - Joe Geranio
  61. Julio Claudian Praetorian Guard Relief- Joe Geranio
  62. Caligula from Herakleion- Joe Geranio
  63. Pre-Principate Portrait of Caligula? Dresden- Joe Geranio
  64. Pre-Principate Portrait of Caligula? La Spezia- Joe Geranio
  65. The Algiers Relief with Mars, Venus and Divus Julius- Joe Geranio
  66. Portrait of Octavia (Sister of Augustus)- Joe Geranio
  67. Portrait of Agrippina Minor- Joe Geranio
  68. Portrait of Livia (Augustus' Wife) Joe Geranio
  69. Portrait of Caligula- Frontal, Right and Left Profiles- Joe Geranio
  70. Portrait of Augustus Frontal, Right, Left and Rear View- Joe Geranio
  71. Byzantine Lead Seal with Bear
  72. a bronze bird
  73. Photos Of Grrek/Roman gallery at the Met
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  76. Ancient ceramics database & RDFa
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  80. ancient jewels
  81. Mosaic from Caligula's Pleasure Barge- Joe Geranio
  82. bronze figure
  83. The Ravenna Relief from The Julio Claudian Period- Joe Geranio
  84. 3,000 artifacts seized from Chicagoland home
  85. A Representation of Gaius Caligula- Joe Geranio
  86. Reliefs Commemorating the Battle of Actium- Joe Geranio
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  89. Exhibition in Arles
  90. Silver bejewelled item
  91. Roman jewel depicting emperor expected to sell for £50,000
  92. Any idea what this is, please?
  93. Please help with identity
  94. 13th century?
  95. Macedonia: Police Bust Antiquities Smuggling Ring
  96. Rare Portrait of Caligula in Bronze from Colchester-Joe Geranio
  97. Gaius Caligula on Globe from NY Met.- Joe Geranio
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  99. Greco Italian Armour
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  101. Salient Counterpoint Example to Strict Cultural Repatriation
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  106. Hadrian Bust
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  110. Museum Robbed at Greece's Ancient Olympia
  111. Berkeley’s Artwork Loss Is a Museum’s Gain
  112. Egypt begins restoring ancient boat near pyramids
  113. a real time video of a metal detector enthusiast finding a gold aureus of Claudius!!!
  114. Possible Arrowheads from 12th century Shobak Crusader Fortress in Jordan
  115. Small Lead figurine from Shobak Crusader Fortress in Jordan.
  116. Would appreciate help with my little camel
  117. New translation of greek vases.
  118. Celtic? La Tene? Iron? Ring.