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  • Ancient Coin Club of Chicago

    We meet the fourth Monday of every month in the Offices and Research Library of Harlan J. Berk Ltd. (downtown Chicago). You are invited to come to a meeting and listen or participate in the discussion as our guest. Please see our web page for complete details!

    Our July 26 meeting topic is Animals On Ancient Coinage. Since there is no one presenter, please bring some of your favorite coins portraying animals from your collection.

    Our August 23 meeting will be a discussion on weights, measures and scales of antiquity. Stu Kleven will be the presenter, and he will share the many acquisitions he has made over the years.
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    Other Ancient Coin Clubs ?

    I know this is rather O.T. - but does anyone have a list of Ancient Coin clubs with email contact? ACE is looking for an Ancient Coin club in Atlanta, where some interested Roman Imperial collector would volunteer to give a talk to a very motivated local teacher and her students who are taking part in the ACE program.
    Any information / help would be appreciated.

    Souzana for ACE


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      If you receive the Celator, the new "Club and Society Directory" is quite good. It is near the back of each issue.

      The ANA club page has a list of clubs with an interest in ancient coins at . (Go to clubs by state, , to get contact information for the listed clubs.)

      The information on the ANA's pages is as up-to-date as the clubs supply it to the ANA. In some cases it is years out of date.


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        Coin Clubs list

        Thanks, Ed. That is helpful - had never noticed those lists!
        Have a good week


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          Ancient Coin Club of Chicago - Regular Updates

          Just a quick note to let people know that the details of the ACCC meeting topics are kept current, here and on the ACCC website. See the first post on this page for details...hope to see you there!


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            ACCC - Animals on Coins at yr meeting

            Thanks Ray - oh Wow - Animals on Coins - what a pity I do not live in your area.... I would love to see all those coin animals and so would Mikhali - our Coin Zoo curator here. And teacher Zee also would be mightily interested for her School Coin Zoo. Bet Zach the Beast also wishes he lived in your area too. Does anyone take photos of the coins brought to the chicago meeting?
            Thanks for keeping us posted.
            I attended a presentation today given by Zee in Alexandria, it was so good it kept about 40 teachers riveted, and she had some of her School Ancient Coin Museum displays - even I who know all about them, did research and placards, etc was Totally Impressed with what she has done... she is to receive this year's Teacher Excellence award and deserves it 110% !

            Anyone who has a few coins they could spare to educate our kids and encourage future coin collectors, please remember that ACE puts them to great use and also sends you a tax deductible receipt.

            Thanks in advance
            Souzana - who like the rest of the ACE folk truly believes that we are doing something very worthwhile by putting those marvellous pieces of bronze metal "history"into students' hands!