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Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire

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  • Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire

    Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire 1081-1261 by Hendy, I am really hoping someone on the board has this book and the DOC for a comparison. It is an older book printed in 1966 and is now out of print. It also goes for $350.00 Now, here is my problem I have volume IV of DOC , written by the same author covering the same time period but printed in 1999. Does the Coinage and Money book have material that is not included in DOC? The DOC pictures coins outside of the DOC collection, does the Coinage and Money book?

    Another collector told me it was a must have ( He didn't have the DOC ), I read a minor review that said DOC makes "Coinage and Money" redundant, I just want more information about the book before I spend good coin buying money.



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    I own both books. The Dumbarton Oaks Catalog is more up to date and includes coins unknow to Hendy when he wrote Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire. The DOC is also the standard reference used by numismatists and dealers.

    If you have the money the Hendy book is worth getting, but I wouldn't consider it crucial for the serious collector of Byzantine coins.

    That's my opinion, for what it's worth.

    Don Squires