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Unattributed Byzantine(?) Coin

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  • Unattributed Byzantine(?) Coin

    I acquired this damaged/altered coin and would appreciate some information regarding the issue. Byzantine is not my specialty so I may be incorrect at to the series.

    For less than one dollar I purchased it because it is attractively toned and I thought at the time that I might be able to unravel the mystery (boy, was I wrong). To date, I have been unable to make any progress.

    AE - 28mm - 6 grams - red brick toning

    The coin appears cup-shaped. I'm not sure if this is by design, or if it was damaged into this shape. I can make out what appears to be partial letters/symbols on the obverse (convex) side with the number 2 near the center. On the reverse (concave) side there appears to be a person facing wearing a crown.

    At present, I am not sure if these images are double struck or simply the normal design types for the coin that was simply damage in antiquity(?).

    Any opinions would be appreciated,

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    Seems to be a modern coin, not Byzantine, because the letter look to be 17th or 18th century for what I saw of the obverse. It may have been converted into a church token, when was not uncommon.