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Best books for beginning Byzantine collector??

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  • Best books for beginning Byzantine collector??

    I know my questions here have been all over the place, but I went to the Tennessee Numismatic show in Chattanooga this weekend (my first big coin show of over twenty tables!!) and discovered that Byzantine bronzes are strangely attractive (several M folli, one anonymous folli, and a VERY clear tiny Hericlitus ten nummi piece now have a new home!!).

    I want to learn more & already have Mr. Sayles' Vol. V book.

    So, What are the Best books for beginning Byzantine collector?? I plan to get the Sears Byzantine & the Speedy ID book. What else?? Anything online??

    Thanks, Bill

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    Pick up a copy of Philip Grierson's 1982 Byzantine Coinage. Not only is it among the best one volume treatments of Byzantine coinage, it has wonderful photographs.

    Unfortunately finding a copy can be difficult and they can be expensive.

    Don Squires


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      Although I don't have a lot of examples on-line, you can dip your toes in the water with the Byzantine section of my site:

      I list the chronological order of the rulers with links to the Wildwinds pages, show most of the denominations and have miscellaneous tidbits.

      Enjoy collecting Byzantine! I agree they are strangely fascinating and admit I was at one time collecting Maurice Tiberius folles by mint, date and officina.

      VCoins Ancients Store:

      VCoins US/Banknotes Store:

      VCoins World Store:

      Beast Coins Research Site:


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        For the beginning Byzantine collector I would recommend this as volume 1...
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          ... and this as volume 2 of the British museum catalogue of the Byzantine coins. The coin pictures are at the end of each volume.

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            Thanks guys!!!


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              Byzantine coin books

              I second the recommendation of Grierson's big book, "Byzantine Coins." (not the $7 booklet of the same author and title.) I also recommend P. D. Whitting's "Byzantine Coins" which is very readable and has 457 coins photographed in enlargements, many in color. It is available for $50-$70 on vcoins.
              Of course, the collector will want Sear, "Byzantine Coins and Their Values" second edition, 1988 (not the first edition). It is available new for $80 on vcoins.
              -- Warren


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                Hi Bill

                I agree that Philip Grierson's single volume is without doubt your best starting place.

                You could also try this link to Dumbarton Oak's website where you can access Professor Grierson's shorter guide (PDF) which can be downloaded. This has some very useful appendices for rulers and denomiations etc.