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Constantine V Solidus: opinions, reference, price evaluation.

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  • Constantine V Solidus: opinions, reference, price evaluation.

    Hi all,
    Byzantine coinage is not my field of interest and I have no references to determinate this coin properly.
    It is a surprisingly "new" looking solidus of Constantine V and Leo IV, gold solidus, (4.48g) CONSTANTINOS S LEON O NEOS
    Facing busts of Constantine V and his son Leo IV, each wearing crown and
    chlamys, cross between heads. / G LEON P A MUL Facing bust of Leo III, with
    short beard.

    As far as I can see, nothing suspicious about it, only it looks so good in comparison with the other coins the seller had, that I just want to make sure before I put it up for sale.
    Therefore I am open for opinions, references and if possible a price evaluation.
    Thanks on beforehand.
    Kind regards,
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    I believe this is SB 1551.

    Constantine V, Copronymus, with Leo IV, the Khazar. 741-775. AV Solidus (4.38 g, 6h). Constantinople mint. Struck circa AD 757-775. Crowned and draped facing busts of Constantine, wearing short beard, and Leo IV, beardless, crowns topped with crosses; cross above, • between busts / Crowned and draped facing bust of Leo III, wearing short beard and loros, holding cross potent on base, crown topped with cross. DOC III 2d; SB 1551. VF.

    From the Marc Poncin Collection.

    Estimate: $300 (Realized $ 390)

    Image courtesy CNG, Mail Bid 72, Lot 2119, June 2006 via

    The difference being yours has a reverse legend ending with a theta, which is an attested variety of 1551.

    --Zach Beasley
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