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    I gave a program on Byzantine Anonymous Folles at the February 26, meeting of the Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington, DC (ANSW). I've created an album in the Gallery section of this site with the scanned images that I used for the PowerPoint slides. I'll add more information about coins and additional coins as time permits.
    Mike Mehalick (Follis)
    First Consul
    Ancient Numismatic Society of Washington, DC (ANSW)

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    Hi Mike!

    Byzantine coins are something I know little about and look forward to the opportunity to develop my knowledge! I would love to read the presentation, do let me know when it's posted.




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      Looks like we share an interest...........

      .........I too collect "Anonymous Folles". In fact, I am now starting my second collection of them. (long story)
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        For me the Anonymous Folles ( especially those of Class A2 ) are one of the most interesting fields in Byzantine numismatics.
        In practically all of the major works on Byzantine coins they are considered to have been struck in the capital only, which is certainly not true.
        I believe that there where quite a few provincial mints in Greece, Italy, maybe Romania
        and also in the East.
        Here´s an unpublished variant of the large Class A2 type:

        BASIL II Bulgaroktonos ( 976-1025 ) Anonymous Follis Class A2 with unpublished ornament variety:
        Obverse Bust of Jesus Christ and ornaments: Nimbus cross with 5 pellets, book with one pellet as var 35
        Reverse IhSUS / XRISTUS / BASILEU / BASILE in 4 lines and ornaments: as Var. 14b or 33,
        This variant is unpublished and even the partly similar variants mentioned above are extremely rare,
        ( all these are mentioned in the DOC catalogue as published by Bellinger, but not present in the DOC coll. )
        Sear 1813, DOC Class A2, new variant
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        My spare Byzantine coins offered on VCoins:


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          Very Nice..........

          I have cruised your vcoins store a time or two. I'm just getting started again after about 2 yr. hiatus. I am now disabled and on limited income (US is sooo good to it's VN vets) anyway..........I'm trying to build a better collection than I was forced to sell, but it is slow going. I'm now looking for a nice "Class G".
          "Money should be mastered, NOT served"