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Manuel I, AE Tetareron?

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  • Manuel I, AE Tetareron?

    Hello Friends,

    This coin has all the look and feel of a Manuel I, AE Tetarteron:

    Manuel I Comnenus, AE Tetarteron, 1143-1180, Thessalonica
    Bust to waist of Manuel standing facing, labarum in right hand, globus cruciger in left hand
    ICI | +C
    Cross with X on three steps
    20mm x 22mm, 4.83g
    SB 1976 (?)

    but, notice the obverse legend is quite a bit off from the expected MANVHL-DECPOTH (which is not terribly unusual with Byzantine coins) but the reverse legend is also off - ICI instead of IC and +C instead of XC. That I've never seen before.

    Any comments as to whether this is a corrupted official issue from Thessalonica or perhaps something else?

    Here is a regular issue for comparison:

    Thanks in advance,

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