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Alfred Danicourt collection of Gallic coins (online)

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  • Alfred Danicourt collection of Gallic coins (online)

    One of the foremost collection of Gallic coins in France, recognized as such as soon as the 19th cent., had been donated to the Peronne city museum, where it can be seen now, having survived the destructions and pillaging of two world wars. Peronne (Somme region) was destroyed during WWI, its museum being looted then destroyed by the German troops; only 2-3% of the museum collection present at the beginning of the 20th cent. still survives; fortunately, Danicourt's collection was preserved from the interest of the occupying troops by being buried (and again during WWII). Coins are more easily hideable than paintings or furniture ...

    In the frame of the Joconde program, this collection is now published online; 401 gold, silver, bronze and potin coins:

    (in French)

    Site of the museum:


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    Thanks Jérôme

    An interesting site and collection. Also, very nicely presented. I have placed a link on my numismatic bookmarks site, here:

    Best wishes


    PS I will be at the Paris Coin Show in March. Anyone else from this board planning to attend?
    Lee Toone