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The Wily Maximianus Strutting His Stuff!

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  • The Wily Maximianus Strutting His Stuff!

    Followed this coin on Ebay and it was a much sought after piece judging from the hammer price...6 bidders felt it should have sold for more than $500.

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    Great looking coin. Not sure about the price... not my particular area of interest.


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      "6 bidders felt it should have sold for more than $500"

      Put me in that group. If it's authentic, it's a bargain at that price. I would have expected $800-1200 in a real auction, maybe more if it was a high-profile auction like Triton. The realized price is about what I'd have figured for ebay -- in my own bidding, I usually discount by at least 25% for ebay compared to traditional venues, and it looked like the other bidders more or less did the same.

      I don't think the seller did himself any favors by choosing ebay instead of going through a real dealer for a coin like that, especially since he will probably wind up paying at least 10% of the final price in fees anyway.



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        Good Points, Robert, plus the US dollar is not holding value at the present time. So, I agree it should have went more upwards. Needless to say, this is a very rare issue (Lyons), first one I've seen from this mint, others were from Trier.
        The coin does have some minor issues, some weak obverse letters (could have been "enhanced") and some deposits on the reverse. Could have a little more detail.
        But the ornate, laurel, helmet is the best I'ver ever seen! Plus portrait style is decent.
        For the specialized collector a great prize, glad you liked it!