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Samaria AR Obol, 372-333 BC

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  • Samaria AR Obol, 372-333 BC

    I recently acquired a few Samarian coins and this one is my favorite. The coin is not in the greatest condition. I like the coin because of its historical significance to ancient Israel.

    Samarian AR Obol, 8.0 X 9.3 mm, 372-333 BC
    Obverse: Winged griffin r, attacking stag with long antlers r.
    Reverse: Within frame meant to represent a temple (?), two figures: on the left stands nude, beardless divinity pointing with his upraised right arm towards a standing bearded, half-draped male figure raising his arm above an Achamenian fire altar.
    Reference: Meshorer and Qedar “Samarian Coinage” # 134

    Samaria was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Israel; (the northern part of the West Bank).
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    Thank you

    Thank you for posting that coin. It is extraordinarily interesting, and considering the condition of most Samarian coins, I would certainly not complain about that either! It is amazing that this rich series of coins with their varied and interesting iconography was scarcely know at all until relatively recently. It is my impression that most are single finds, which probably accounts for the corroded condition of many specimens.