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Sacred stone of Aphrodite at Paphos

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  • Sacred stone of Aphrodite at Paphos

    I just bought a very nice coin of Augustus that was struck at Paphos, Cyprus, RPC 3906. The reverse shows the temple of Aphrodite and a sacred stone within. There's little left of the temple, but the sacred stone was discovered and is now in a museum in Cyprus. Several other emperors struck coins with this reverse including Vespasian. Some dealers state this stone is a meteorite. However, an article written for the International Meteorite Collectors Association says it's just a stone. The author went to Cyprus to see it. He also briefly discusses other temples in the ancient world that had sacred stones and perhaps meteorites. I think it's cool the stone shown on ancient coins can still be seen today. The article has a photo of the stone. I also have a coin from Selucia Piera of Trajan showing the sacred stone of Zeus. See article link and photos below. Of note, Saint Paul visited Paphos and had a confrontation with a sorcerer named Bar-jesus (Acts 13).
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