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Gordian I & II denarii

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  • Gordian I & II denarii

    Are there any published die studies of the denarii of Gordian I and II?
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    Have you tried contacting Roger Bland of the British museum? He may have some information on die studies or may know who to contact. I have his e-mail address should you need it. Send me a private message if you do.



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      Paul, Thank you for your suggestion. The email address for Roger Bland is posted on the British Museum website and I will try that.

      I did a search of the BM collection and the Gordian denarii are listed in the database but unfortunately photos are not available and expensive to have them made to order.

      Have started a private study of my own using images available on-line and so far have recorded 22 die pairs for Gordian I and 19 pairs for Gordian II. There are a few cases of die sharing within
      each reverse type but have not detected sharing of an obverse with a reverse of another type.

      As there are three reverse types for each emperor that would imply three officinae each that would not necessarily share dies.

      I hope I am not in over my head.



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        I contacted Roger Bland and received a prompt reply stating that he was not aware of such a
        die study but suggested that I contact Curtis Clay.