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  • Fakes dealer?

    I came across a dealer on Ebay, julius-nepos. According to a Forum Ancient Coins Fakes page, julius knowingly sells fake coins. In my opinion many of his coins have an unusually high relief? Anybody have any thoughts on this dealer, maybe some of his coins are ancient and some are fake? I bought one AE coin from him last month before I read the Forum fakes page, but it was a just cheapie, $14.
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    My two quadrans worth :

    "Never drink from a poisoned well"



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      I have seen him sell a number of fakes. He seems to be "just" a seller of
      coins, rather than a knowledgeable numismatist. I think this has been said
      elsewhere. On the other hand I have bought a number of good and decent,
      genuine coins from him many times. Quite often they can be something of a
      bargain, though not always - perhaps because people lay-off and hang back.
      If you do not know EXACTLY what you are doing then use extreme caution.
      However, if you know your stuff and know it VERY WELL, then you can do
      okay on the items that are real.
      Do not take any chances unless you can afford the (potential) losses.
      Proceed at your own risk. Caveat Emptor - Buyer beware.
      Better still, learn your stuff (a lot of time and effort)!
      Good luck,

      Walter Holt
      P.S. A lot of the"high-relief" is due to the angle of light in his photography.


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        He has had some coins I believe to be genuine, but so many of them are obvious fakes that I figure "why risk it"? When someone is selling that many fake coins, it is better to stay away. The real-looking ones could just be better quality fakes.
        Nathan Hochrein