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  • Roman Bronze Standard

    I often save photos of coins and objects from auctions and ebay for my own reference. About two years ago I noticed this item on ebay. It was supposedly found in England and was sold as a Roman bronze military standard. At the time, I did a Google search and couldn't find much information about any Roman standards that are in museums or private collections. I choose not to bid on it. I can't recall how tall it is. It may be a genuine Roman standard, a fake or a genuine standard but from a later period. If it's real, it must be rather rare. Any of you care to share an opinion about it?
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    I very much doubt that this is an ancient Roman military standard. If nothing else the naivety of the design alone convinces me of this.



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      I looked in on Ebay and they seem to always have such "ancient" items for sale. Funny, one time a seller was claiming they were "ancient Roman" bronze...the seller was from kidding. Many sellers find these in the ground and can claim whatever they wish..However, I do like that item you are showing...kinda cool looking!