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"Hoard" of LRB from Eastern Serbia

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    I would like to come to the defence of the person behind "sacra-moneta". I have known the person (who has been selling coins for many years under two different names) for about 10 years. I have met him a couple of times. He is not a "well known fake seller". He has spent times abroad, helping out at archaeological digs, was a university student, and over the years has sold many tens of thousands of coins, amongst them a number of rare Provincial coins which are now on wildwinds.
    The coins in the images which he has now removed from the website, came from a Serb in Vienna and so far he has refunded the money to everyone who has asked.
    He is a very nice, intelligent and generous person and apart from this unfortunate incident the only other fakes which he erroneously bought were a couple of dozen of those Bulgarian fakes of common coins about 5-6 years ago - which almost every large dealer received in large lots of uncleaned coins. If I remember correctly, some dealers, including benscoins were placed into great financial distress because of them.

    The fakes in question here are very very well made - struck not cast. I just swapped four of them which a friend from Geneva received, for genuine coins and put them on the Forvm's fake gallery.

    I know of one person on *this forum* - a quite experienced and knowledgable person and certainly no newbie - who saw images of them somewhere and didn't recognise them as fakes, and bought a bunch of them. So it is understandable that people can fall into the traps laid by these criminals.

    I wish I was world ruler for a day - I know what I'd do with coin fakers - they wouldn't have any hands left to be able to make a die or fake coins ever again


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      Whenever I see something like this coming from Switzerland, I suspect it to be
      yet another incarnation of that 'well-known fake seller' I was talking about.
      He's very prolific and operating under a number of pseudonyms and Ebay-accounts.


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        Coming back to this, this is indeed a well-known fake seller operating under a number of pseudonyms.
        Note the link to the Sacra-Moneta site.

        His uncleaned coins:

        He's really the worst and in the uncleaned coins business that's saying something.

        He's listed on FORVM's fake seller list as Julius-nepos but he has several other accounts.


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          Fake and uncleanedcoins from

          I am at this moment having an "experiece" with the same "seller". Firstly I am no Newbie! But arrived at the fake coins through dealing with www. roemische-muenzen.con/romancoins.htm. I was disatisfied with the quality of the coins that I purchased and made an agreement with the "seller". Part of the agrrement coins arrived and had twenty fakes, all the same as those already posted. All the "wear" and "patinas" are the same. They also rub off if rubbed with your thumb.

          Since the arrival of the coins and my subsequent reply, all has become deathly quiet. Beside trading as noted here, he also trades on Ebay as mercaton-innocens. By coincidence his email is . Postal address is in Switzerland, there is also an address in Germany. All banking to there account goes to REINFELDEN, GERMANY.

          All attempts on my part to get any response or satisfaction has been to no avail. So preparations are being made to hand it all over to our Federal Police who work with both German and Swiss police deprtments.

          It is a pity that our hobby has to plaqued by such crooks and conmen!


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            His name is David Suter and he's the biggest or certainly the most prolific (as far as the number of pseudonyms he sells under are concerned) fake seller in the German-speaking world. He certainly knows very little about ancient coins but he does know that he's selling lots of fakes and doesn't care.

            I normally don't get too worked up about fake sellers but he is a cancer on ancient numismatics.