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25,000 Euro Fake Wappenmunze

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  • 25,000 Euro Fake Wappenmunze

    Ed Snible emailed me this 25,000 Euro Fake Wappenmunze, attached below. It is a die match to IBSCC Bulletin on Counterfeits BOCS Vol 24 No.1 1999 Page 8 Fig 1a. Currently on auction in Germany.

    Looking further at the auctions I noticed this fake Galba Livia Denarius, attached below

    And this fake Histiaia tetrobol, attached below

    And this fake Istros trihemiobol attached below.

    I personally notified the auction house almost a week ago about the Wappenmunze and the Galba. Oh well...
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    Cliff Laubstein

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    Mr Gerhard Hirsch Nachfolger was kind enough to send me the following email.

    We already compared it to the mentioned link and discovered it is not the same.

    However, I disagree. Here is a composite image, so you may decide for yourselves. IMO, all the differences are due to doctoring and photography, but the two are 100% die matches.
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    Cliff Laubstein