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    The purpose of this discussion section is to provide, in a public forum, a reliable source of information about the manufacture, sale and detection of forgeries, counterfeits, imitations and reproductions of ancient coins. Although sub-categories may vary in focus or scope from time to time, the basic guidelines established here will apply to all discussion of ancient coins in this venue. Individual submissions will not be monitored prior to posting, however, the content of threads in this section will be moderated and individuals who do not or will not conform to the established standards of submission may be asked to modify their approach or may be blocked from submission to the list. Any decision to block the submissions of a list member rests solely and entirely in the hands of the section moderator and/or the site administrator.

    Standards of Submission:

    1. All submissions must be signed with the actual name of the individual submitting the post. Any persons who submit postings under a false name or under the name of another person may be permanently removed from the list.

    2. All discussions must be on topic. There are other discussion categories within this site that are provided expressly for the purpose of socializing and exchanging general information about collecting.

    3. This is NOT a police station, nor is it a consumer protection agency. It is not the purpose of this venue to identify, record or make public the name or names of any person or persons suspected or accused of making or selling forgeries. Statements of historical fact, summaries of actual prosecutions, or discussion of responsibly published incidents are on topic and are appropriate.

    4. This is NOT a certification and authentication service. Questions about coins currently offered for sale on the internet or in some other venue are on topic, but should be limited to the specific details of a coin or coin type and to a discussion of what conditions might or might not result in the existence of, or nature of, these details. In other words, specific coins currently offered for sale may be discussed but only in so far as they exhibit a legitimate characteristic worthy of question or consideration. Posts that question a coin without providing justification for the question are not permitted.

    5. This IS a site dedicated to educating collectors, dealers and academics of all experience levels about traditional and emerging threats to ancient coin collecting in the form of forgeries. As with every form of education, it is expected that an effort will be made to learn and to share one's own knowledge. Pontification, wild speculation and excessive verbosity will be frowned upon by the moderator and continued abuse may lead to restriction of posting rights.

    6. Whenever possible, discussions should reference specimens archived within the gallery section of this site. The posting of any image in a discussion herein automatically constitutes permission for the webmaster of this site to archive, use and/or redistribute the image without reservation. If an image is copyrighted, and you do not own that copyright, do not post it here. Links to off-site images are allowed.

    7. Personal attacks, profanity, spurious accusations and a general lack of civility will not be tolerated here.

    Wayne G. Sayles
    Section Moderator