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    Hello folks,

    Just a quick announcement here. Since I'm doing the new user moderating, and there are literally hundreds (and up to 1000) spam new users requests daily, I ask that if you are approved as a new user, please make a post of some kind. This will make your post count 1 (at least) as I am approving some accounts which appear to be valid, but may not be and will go back and remove them if I don't see any activity.

    Also, if you are registering from hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc. I may routinely delete your request if it doesn't appear to be from a real person. If you are using one of the free email sites and I keep deleting your request, write to me at my beastcoins email on vcoins to let me know who you are so I can watch for your application.

    Thanks in advance,

    --Zach Beasley, VCoins Customer Service Manager
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