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New Book - The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine

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  • New Book - The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine

    The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine

    by Hugh Cloke and Lee Toone

    A comprehensive catalogue and survey of the output of the London mint from AD 296 to 325. From when Constantius invaded Britain to regain the Britannic Empire back from Allectus to its closure in 325 when Constantine began to shift his power base to the East, the London mint was responsible for a vast output of Roman coinage. In The Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC) around 600 types were listed; the authors of this book have increased the number of known types to 995 and have illustrated nearly 95% of these with images on plates facing the catalogue tables in sylloge style. They have also provided a hoard census which lists numbers for each type found in four major hoards. This enables an objective rarity value to be assigned to each coin type.

    Supported with a comprehensive narrative, indices and a concordance with RIC, this will become the standard reference work on the London mint for years to come.

    Published by Spink

    Expected early 2015

    Price : to be confirmed

    Further information is expected shortly and if you want to be added to the mailing list, email or call +44 (0)20 7563 4000
    Lee Toone

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    sounds good wouldnt mind getting a copy of that.


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      Now available

      I am pleased to announce that our book is now available from Spink.

      Hugh Cloke


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        Yes, apologies that it has taken so long. It should be worth the wait. Here are a couple of sample images of the catalogue component.
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        Lee Toone


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          I am pleased to be able to let you all know that ‘The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine’ has finally been published. I received my hard copy last Saturday. As ever, with these things, it always takes longer than expected to deliver a finished product but it is now available from Spink priced at £50. A problem with some plates meant that they had to be reprinted. A short piece about the book was published in the recent Spink ‘Insider’ magazine and I can send a PDF of the article to anyone who would like to see it. Simply PM me with your email address.

          Alternatively the whole magazine is available here –

          Spink will have the book available at the Birmingham (UK) Coin Fair on 13th September and Coinex in London on 25th and 26th September. Hugh and I will be present at both shows and will be happy to answer any questions about the book and/or sign copies if required.

          Spink will also have a stand at the International Numismatic Congress in Taormina, Sicily where copies should be available for inspection and purchase. I will also be there for a few days and again will be happy to answer any questions or discuss the book in general.

          If anyone is after a signed copy by mail order then they will need to email Spink with a specific request and they should be available at the beginning of October after the shows have taken place. Sorry it’s a bit convoluted but Hugh is based in MD, USA and I am here in Yorkshire, UK.

          Spink USA should also have copies available in early October.

          For further information about the book:

          To order the book:

          If anyone has any direct questions for me, please feel to reply to this post or send me a PM.

          Best wishes

          Lee Toone
          Lee Toone


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            Addenda and Corrections Now Online

            Further additions have been made to the corpus as new coins are coming to light. Eleven additional types are now listed in the addenda here - We are particularly grateful to Steve Thomas for his contributions to this.

            A few corrections have also been noted and these can be seen here -

            We plan to continue to post corrections and addenda on the website as they come to light and support this with a quarterly email newsletter. Any contributions to these will be gratefully received.

            For further information about the book:

            To order the book:

            For US residents, the book is available from Charles Davis who now has copies of the book in stock.


            I will be at the York (UK) Coin Fair on 15th and 16th January and will be happy to answer any questions about the book.
            Lee Toone