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Further London mint paper available online

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  • Further London mint paper available online

    I have just uploaded a another London mint paper on my website. This one is a pdf of the following article originally published by the Yorkshire Numismatic Society in their occasional publication Yorkshire Numismatist 4. It is published with their permission but copyright remains with the YNS and the author. It is part of a plan to make the entire contents of YN1-4 available digitally. Further information will follow.

    DiMarzio, P. The Roman Mint of London : The Yorkshire Numismatist 4, 2012, pp.9-44. A paper, presented at the Moneta Britannia conference in York, July 2011, discussing the coinage production of the Roman mint located in London, England, during the period AD 297-325.

    The paper is available by following the link on this page -
    Lee Toone