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ANCIENTS - 3 New Books Available

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  • ANCIENTS - 3 New Books Available

    The following titles are now available for purchase through

    The Early Coins of Athens

    A new look at the coinages struck by Athens before the end of the Persian invasions in 479 B.C. These include the enigmatic "Wappenmünzen" coins and the so-called "un-wreathed" owls.

    A new chronology and classification is proposed for these issues, dividing the "Wappenmünzen" into three separate series and simplifying the Seltman groups of owls into four classes.

    Illustrated with enlarged photographs of 100 coins. Price: $14.95

    Ancient Animals and Their Coins

    Presents a discussion of the roles, stories, and attitudes about animals in the Greco-Roman world. Illustrated by 200 full-page photographs of spectacular, fully annotated coins. Price: $21.95

    The 'Archaic Smile' and Greek Coins

    An investigation into the allure of the so-called Archaic Smile in archaic Greek art, including its historical context and possible meanings. Illustrated with 84 enlarged photographs of spectacular, fully annotated coins as well as maps, a chronology of archaic Greece, and photographs of other works of art. Price: $14.95

    A list of my other publications - about coins, fossils, history, nature, and all sorts of weird stuff - is on my web site.