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1,721 cogito's Avatar United StatesPiedmont of North CarolinaCame upon ancient coins accidentally...little did I know that it would be a black hole from which my spare time and wallet could not escape. Wouldn't have it any other way, though...Clinical Neuroscientist / ProfessorClassical Numismatics (Greco-Persian), Horology, Camping/Backpacking
Registered User
1,499 4to2centophilia's Avatar United States    
1,490 BeastCoins's Avatar United StatesWisconsinI've been collecting ancient coins since 1999, when I purchased my first piece on vacation in Rome.Ancient Coin DealerMaking jewelry with my wife, researching ancient coins, bodybuilding
Registered User
Registered User
841 Roma_Orbis's Avatar FranceParis   
Registered User
754 marsmike's Avatar United StatesSyrtis Major Planitia University Professor 
Super Moderator
719   United StatesLancaster, PA   
Registered User
687 AlexB's Avatar EnglandHong KongHong Kong-based English/Anglo-Saxon coin collector Rugby, coins, my wife and daughters (not in that order!)
Send a message via Skype™ to admin 554   United StatesBergen, Norway VCoinsMy family, VCoins, Geocaching, VCoins, Golf, VCoins
Registered User
503 maridvnvm's Avatar United KingdomWales, United Kningdom Marketing Solutions Director, Telecomms 
Registered User
470   United States    
Registered User
447   United KingdomHampshire, EnglandHave been actively collecting coins since 1967Civil ServantFishing,Allotment (Vegetable) Gardening,Iron Age & Romano-British Archaeology, Ancient Greek,Roman,Celtic & Medieval Hammered English Coins.
Scotvs Capitis
Registered User
Send a message via MSN to Scotvs Capitis 432 Scotvs Capitis's Avatar United StatesHouston, TX Taxpayer, Burden-bearer, Rabble rouserHistory, Coins, Books, Adventuring, Firearms
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394 paul1888's Avatar      
Send a message via MSN to Incitatus 389 Incitatus's Avatar CanadaVancouver, CanadaIf you're looking for me, try my MSN messenger - bligh432@hotmail.comAncient Coin dealer 
Registered User
375 vozmozhno's Avatar United States    
marcus flavius
Registered User
374   SlovakiaThe Deep South NCCollector of Late Roman for 30 yearsAviationCoins, Music, Environment
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357 electrum!'s Avatar South AfricaSpokane, WashingtonNative Texan, lived in my home state until 1989, at which time I "emigrated" to other parts of the States. Still not happy with the other 49.Systematic Botanist, Ornamental Horticulturist and Landscape Designer by vocation. Either of the three I do depending on the place where I live and which one gets a job!Gasterias, a South African endemic succulent related to the aloes.
Registered User
341 jclavender's Avatar United StatesWatkinsville, GA USA Classical NumismatistGuitar, drawing, reading
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Send a message via AIM to pantheon 330   United StatesMichiganI was born and raised in Michigan, and work for a large health care system.Medical ResearchI am a collector of rare and beautifully made books, and collect coins of the Twelve Caesars.
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324 Pscipio's Avatar SwitzerlandWorblaufen, CH   
Registered User
316   United StatesChicago Coin Cataloguer 
Registered User
293 Vepcorf's Avatar EnglandYorkBA Hons in underwater Archaeology now doing a BSC in Management at York university.StudentMetal Detecting
Registered User
287 AnemicOak's Avatar United StatesMinnesota   
Registered User
284 drjbca's Avatar CanadaEdmontonWanderer of Biochemistry, Avid traveller, Keeper of Phantom and SpectreAssociate Chair of the Chem Tech Dept at NAITShortwave radio, Roman Imperial and Provincial coins
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Send a message via Skype™ to ancientcoins 281   United States  Student 
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272 jamesicus's Avatar United States    
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238   United StatesNew York, NY   
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225 tibsi's Avatar HungaryGyula teachernumismatics
Registered User
220 hydatius's Avatar CanadaOttawaGraduate of U of Toronto and St John's/Wolfson College, Oxford. Research areas: history and historiography of fourth and fifth centuries AD, editing Greek and Latin texts, chronicles, fourth and fifth century numismaticsProfessor of ClassicsIaido, archery, coin collecting, scouts
Showing results 1 to 30 of 4022


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