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Jotapian Feb 8, 2004 11:59 AM

Unrecorded Series E/D Mule Penny of Edward III
The Penny illustrated below appears to be a previously unrecorded E/D mule. It is certainly not recorded in JJ North 's English Hammered Coinage Vol 2 (3rd Revised Edition).
Obverse:- Crowned Kings bust facing +EDWARDVS. RE(X).ANGLI.
Reverse:- Long Cross with trefoil of pellets in angles. CIVI TAS (LO)N DON.

Series E (1354 to 1355) is described as follows:-
Initial Mark Cross 2. Lettering similar to Series D, but letters C & E are often broken at bottom, and V often has a snick in the right limb. Letter R may be as Series D, wedge tailed or with a forked tail. With Annulet stops.

Series D (1352 to 1353) has the following characteristics:-
Initial Mark Cross 1 or 1a. New plain lettering with small serifs, Lombardic M, closed C & E. Roman N usually unbarred, normal R. Annulet stops.

The coin described above and shown below has Series E attributes on the obverse - Cross 2, broken (Lombardic) E in EDWARDVS. A snick is apparent in the V ( at top right) of EDWARDVS and the letter R is wedge shaped and the Roman N is unbarred with Annulet stops.
The Reverse has Annulets in between the trefoil of pellets in each quarter ( not unkown for series E but not normally present) ; unbarred Roman N's in LONDON and closed C in CIVITAS.

Jotapian Feb 8, 2004 12:25 PM

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Apologies somehow the coin image got left out of the original message.

Jotapian Feb 2, 2010 01:56 PM

Unrecorded Series E/D Mule Penny of Edward III
Some time ago I postulated that the coin illustrated above was an otherwise unrecorded Series E/D Mule Penny of Edward III. I was mistaken. Further study revealed that it was in fact Series Gb Penny of Edward III - I have described this error of mine elsewhere and had forgotten that I'd posted this to - so to correct this error here is the correct description of the 4th Coinage Pre-Treaty Series Gb penny:-

"Edw III Class Gb Penny. Obv Cross 3. Broken E in EDWARDVS; top right limb of V cut into champered edge. Diamond shaped wedge to R. Unbarred Roman N + annulet stops. Obv & Rev lettering typical of Series G with annulets between pellets in each quarter in reverse. Unbarred Roman N's in London & Closed C with cut top in Civitas. See LA Lawrence Part III Page 56 Series Gb Uncertain 2 / 1 North 1206 Scarce"

I was only able to resolve this error once I had managed to acquire a copy of L.A.Lawrence's "The Coinage of Edward III from 1351" reprinted from the Numismatic Chronicle Parts I to IV published between 1926 to 1933.


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