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Uncleaned The unique joys of uncleaned coins.

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new cleaner

Hello ive been wanting to get some uncleaned coins and clean them but this is my first time doing so. i was wondering if you had any advice on how to clean them best and were the best deals are?thank you
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I have been pleased with the following dealers of uncleaned coins. They all offer sample pictures of the coin batches to give you a good idea of the general condition of the coins you are purchasing. They are not in any order of preference.

As to cleaning methods use the search feature of the forum and you will find lots of info.

The basics are
First wash the coins in warm water with regular dish soap and scrub with a tooth brush. Some coins this is all they really need.

Second soak coins that need more cleaning in deionized water and scrubbing and changing the water routinely. Some people soak coins weeks, months, or more.

For coins that are clean enough that they need spot cleaning, you can use and assortment of tools. This is best performed under magnification such as a desktop magnifying lamp or 10x stereo microscope.

The most recommended tool are a fine bristle soft brass brush, silver brush, a pin vise with an assortment of pins. I love the silver pin. These tool when used carefully are least likely to damage a coin's patina. For Stubborn encrustations there are regular and diamond dusted dental picks.

You will have to learn through some experience how best to use the tools. The best thing to know is to be patient and work slowly. When you are tired or frustrated stop and return the coin back to soaking and try again later.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
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Do you pick up your silver pins from a jeweler or do you have a specific source? Also, I have seen the silver brushes but have not jumped due to the price. There seems to be only one source for these brushes.

The only other advice on cleaning is to be patient. More coins are ruined because people (including myself) are trying to remove 2000 years of buildup in 10 minutes.

Thanks for the info.


Sorry, After making this post I see that the link you provided to Common Bronze has the pins.

Thank you.
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thanks for the advice and dealer refrences i hope i like the dealers as much as you did shawn!!!
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